ADS165° Large Angle hinge new market!


Popular custom household, designers according to the idiosyncrasies of each design a variety of patterns of ambry, out of the idea of not wasting space, a lot of corner position can be designed into a cabinet body to make full use of, and ADS165° large Angle hinge for this use and born.

Wide Angle door

Give us a clear view of what's inside

ADS165° large Angle hinge, this product is used in different size, height cabinet door, such as: corner cabinet, high cabinet door, special position cabinet door, etc.

Open Angle again small

The buffering effect is still online

15° small Angle to open the secondary buffer function, so that the cabinet door gently and silently open and close, better protect the cabinet door, and effectively avoid the occurrence of accidental clamping and other conditions.

Hinge opening Angle is adjustable

Suitable for high cabinet

Hinges 165° wide door Angle, installed on the cabinet door can expand the cabinet space and view, even in the corner of the cabinet door, can also effectively solve the problem of conventional hinge opening Angle is not enough, convenient to take things.

The second force stops at any time

It opens and closes smoothly

It is safer to hover freely after 45°. The hinge is a two-section force arbitrary stop hinge, which can be positioned freely after the opening Angle is greater than 45°, successfully avoiding the collision between the door or wall and eliminating the danger of the cabinet door hitting the objects on the side of the cabinet.

9.5mm large damping cylinder

The oil is smooth enough

Built-in high quality hydraulic buffer damper, with the function of slow silence, even if the strength of the door is big, can also easily slow down, stable door.

To strengthen the structure

No matter how heavy the door is

ADS165° large Angle hinge using automatic continuous stamping process, hinge parts a stamping molding, cabinet door opening and closing times up to 50,000 times, the thickened arm using 1.8mm material, enhance the overall hinge anti-push door force, appearance lubrication, feel solid.

Easy to achieve a press separation
The installation time is greatly improved

Installation is very convenient, stable base to achieve a press separation, the tail is equipped with a disassembly button, buckle type design to save time for the installation master.

A little more choice
More free installation

Very humanized two-dimensional adjustment, left and right adjustment -5mm~±2mm, before and after adjustment ±2mm, to ensure the flexibility of the hinge joint, so that the cabinet door more tight, high stability.

Double layer electroplating production is fine

Resistant to rust and durable

Thick quality cold rolled steel, strong and durable, through the international testing standards, with excellent corrosion, moisture and moisture resistance, not afraid of environmental test.

ADS165° large Angle hinge mounting parameters